Create a GBP Video with Canva

Create a GBP Video with Canva

You’re hearing it everywhere these days that your local business has got to have video to keep up with the times. But if you don’t have a fancy mobile phone with excellent filming capabilities or the technical challenges of making a film seem daunting, you may feel like you’re falling behind.

We’re going to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling today! Meanwhile, if you work in local SEO, you almost certainly have clients who fit this criteria, and getting video from them just isn’t going to happen without someone waving a magic wand.

Well, I’ve found the wand, thanks to a tweet from my honored colleague Darren Shaw, mentioning that you can use the free design program Canva to create a slideshow, save it as a video MP4 file, and upload it to your Google Business Profile.

This sent me on a bit of an odyssey. I’ve now made a ton of videos this way. While they may not roll out the red carpet for me in Hollywood, I’m enchanted by the magic of anyone being able to put together a few slides and come away with a video that you can share on all the platforms shown above! Your Google listing, your social profiles, and your website are about to get so much better! If your business has photos, you can do this, and I’m going to walk you through it, step by step, with every detail you need to create your first Canva video.

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